The 3 Village 5

The first Grand Prix event of 2022 was the 3 Village 5 mile.

Position Name Actual Time Age Graded Time Age Graded % GP Points
35Brendon Jackson0:35:490:30:4169.4647
37Philip Johnston0:35:580:33:4063.2942
39Richard Kent0:36:490:31:4967.0044
52Derek Todhunter0:38:350:30:3369.7848
60Geoff Buckley0:39:160:31:0568.5646
91Frank Smith0:43:400:34:1562.2241
101Jayne Phillips0:44:470:32:5273.6250
106Graham Fraser0:45:510:32:3865.3143
109Rose Todhunter0:46:240:35:2868.2045
121Meg Walke0:48:050:34:1870.5549

168 finishers

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